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All Smiles Dentistry of Idaho can provide you with a wide variety of quality services at prices you can still afford!

  • Crowns and Bridges - Crowns are ceramic caps placed on top of damaged or decayed teeth to improve function and appearance.  All Smiles is the home of the $699 crown, the best price in town!
  • Dental Implants - Implants are a great option with a tooth is injured beyond saving.  A prosthetic tooth is implanted into the jaw bone of the patient, creating a beautiful and permanent replacement.
  • Orthodontics - Orthodontics, most commonly braces, are used to bring misaligned teeth back into ideal arrangement.  We all want to have our best possible smile, and for many people a misaligned jaw can cause significant problem with proper cleaning of the teeth, chewing, speech, and unusual “wear and tear” on teeth.  Dr. Stevens can offer Individual Patient Orthodontics, a custom solution designed just for you!
  • Root Canals - An inflamed or infected nerve root in a tooth can cause a lot of pain.  A root canal can correct this by removing the nerve root, then cleaning and sealing the tooth to heal.  Don't try this on your own, leave it to Dr. Stevens and the professionals at All Smiles! 
  • Fillings - Sometimes even the most conscientious brushers among us still will get a cavity.  Dr. Stevens and All Smiles can make you comfortable while we make sure that the decay doesn't spread.
  • Extractions - when a tooth is too far gone, sometimes extracting it becomes necessary.  This often is a stepping stone to a dental implant or denture.
  • Dental Hygiene - we provide cleanings for all types of mouths, from basic cleanings to deep scaling and root planing - we will help you get your oral health back up to par!

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